Saturday, August 18, 2007


When you color your hair you have 2o to 30 minutes to kill.
It MIGHT seem like a good idea to use that time to clean the bathroom.
Hmmm... it could be a problem though when you clean behind the
toilet and your head bumps the wall and gets color on it. Not to
worry, but it could be that when you wipe the wall you get color
on the seat of the toilet.
Did you know that color stains a toilet seat?
But if you scrub really hard it comes off...
only so does the paint on said seat.

It is probably better to use your sister's advice and sit in a
warm bath while the color cooks on your head.
That is, unless you had a prenatal cleaning frenzy
and have scrubbed an old tub so hard that it is a bit
etched and absorbs hair color. Then it would become stained.

Not that this has ever happened to me or anything.


ArEn said...

Sometimes I think it sounds hard to be you. ;-)

Bob said...

HARD to be her??? She's Laurel and Hardy all rolled into ONE!!!

Jason said...

You need a lovely shower cap... clear with little flowers all over it. They come in packs of a 100 or so and you can thorw them away. They are also fun to wear when you answer the door.

MLB said...

SEEE, Jason is the only helpful one!!
I want one of those little flowered bathing caps too...

Now can you tell me how to keep the dog fur from gathering on the steps?


Jason said...

I can't help you there... I have cat hair all over the place. You could vacuum everyday and it's still all over!

lindaleecarter said...

Your dilema strikes a familiar cord!I think it is a universal problem. When you color your hair you must put yourself somewhere and be still for 40 minutes and hope that the final product is worth it. Bet your hair is shiny!
Such a cute pic of Auggie. He is already getting so big. What does he weigh. I need an update. Maybe an e-mail? Love Aunt L.

abscott823 said...

New toilet seat at Target-20 bucks, and you can be assured no one else has sat on it besides you!