Friday, August 10, 2007

out and about

I can't sleep with my feet under the covers.
Neither could my father.
Apparently it is genetic because Auggie clearly feels the same way.

This week Auggie had his first visit to the Baltimore Museum of Art.
He was not impressed and slept the entire time.
I went to see the Sondheim competition.
A friend of mine won (congrats Tony!!)

Here is a link to an article about his work.

Unfortunately, the exhibit was taken down several days ago-
I missed it!
I have seen some of his work, loved it, and was hoping to see more.

We are going to try to do some family pictures this weekend using
the timer function on the camera. If any of them are successful
shots I will post them.


Bob said...

Thats an interesting story about the feet out of the covers. Jason gets hot unless he has ONE foot out of the covers. We took a tour of Monterray bay in California and they explained how the sea lions keep a flipper out of the water as their solar panel and that's what keeps them warm in the frigid Pacific. Do you think this is a reversed principal?

MLB said...

yes, exactly!! The one foot out is like a regulating thermostat- it can go back under for brief periods of time, but must be free to escape the covers if you get warm.