Thursday, September 27, 2007


I have added the books that were recommended to a list
to the right of this page...
I KNOW at least 3 librarians and one potentially soon to
be librarian frequent this page, so please feel free to jump in
and add to the list by commenting on books you have read that
really stuck with you.
I'll update the list on the page periodically.

One I just finished is called
Father Knows Less Or: "Can I Cook My Sister?": One Dad's Quest to Answer His Son's Most Baffling Questions

This father went around and searched for answers to his son's questions from experts. For example he asks a specialist
"What would hurt more: getting run over by a car or getting stung by a jellyfish?"
It was a fun read.


Anonymous said...

Joanne says...
Desert Solitaire - by Ed Abbey
The Bean Trees, Animal Dreams - by Barbara Kingsolver
Cowboys are my Weakness by Pam Huston
more recently...
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay - by Michael Chabon

I'm more of a non-fiction guy...
The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester - the story of the making of the OED
Anything by Bill Bryson (travel? essays), or Witold Rybchinski (architecture/design essays)

ALL of these are gathering dust on our bookshelves if you got inspired to read any of them

MLB said...

I read Animal Dreams and did not like it, but then read it again 10 years later and loved it. Isn't that odd how that can happen? I guess I just couldn't connect the first time.

Speaking of travel writers, have you read any Anthony Bourdaine? I love his readings on his show, but haven't gotten any of his books yet.


MLB said...
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crowbar said...

Oh, oh!
Related to this post and your previous one:
Over the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon - Myers and Ghiglieri

It makes you want to stand back from the edge, sure, but also wear your life jacket even if you're six miles from the river.
You'll never take a "shortcut" trail again.