Saturday, October 13, 2007

Busy Busy Baby

Ibuprofen, blondies, pitzelles, pastina with butter and cheese,
and a cute baby standing on your chest making
raspberry noises. What better way to heal from
hernia surgery?

Dave is doing well. A little stiff and sore, but up and
around already.


Anonymous said...

hope Dave continues to recover. Tell him not to push it. Take it easy

Do you need anything?


Bob said...

Dave, I hope you feel better real soon. Jason and I are thinking about ya. And by the way, could that boy of your's be ANY cuter????

JStu said...

Is is time for Dr. Suess "Hop On Pop"? So you've got a lifting related injury, what ya gonna do, deny the baby his airplane ride?

Be good. I'll post some Millie Bear stuff when I have a little time to figure out how computers work.