Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day at the Spa

Grandmom babysat today while I went to the spa.
After a haircut and color I got a facial.
The woman did a facial massage,
dipped my hands in parafin and put
these little mits on my hands. Then she
had this little cotton piece she layed over my eyes.
There was soft pan flute music playing.
The tech tucked me in and left the room.
ok, I'm bored
and I lay there
and lay there
and within my little mitts
I peeled all the parafin off of my hands.
I peeked out of my cotton eye thing and notice
the cotton mitt has come off of my left hand.
So I reach up and fix it with my other hand.
In the process I come untucked.
Now I realize I can't get it back on without looking
so I remove the cotton eye thing.
So I finally get the mitts on again and now I am
attempting to get the cotton eye piece back on./
IMPOSSIBLE with the mitts, but I am determined.
Finally I get the cotton KIND OF back on my eyes,
and then I scrunch back down under the covers
like the tech left me.

How can they leave you that long? WHAT, does
the stupid face mask have to petrify?

FINALLY she comes back, and I get this image of
what I must look like. I'm certain that I am disheveled.
The eye piece is twisted, and I can feel the wax in my
mitts is just one lumpy ball instead of coating my hands.
...and I start to giggle. So for the rest of the treatment,
I try to relax, and every time she touches me I start
to giggle. The poor woman must have thought I was
a lunatic.


Kathleen said...

great post! hee.

see you monday!

MLB said...

I look forward to seeing you and Liam.
He was only 5 weeks last time I saw him. I'll bet he's HUGE!!