Tuesday, January 29, 2008

De Leon Springs

Breakfast was in a little lodge like place
Griddles built right into the table and
the grains for the pancakes milled on site
Like something from another time

The park was quiet and peaceful
Spanish moss hung from the trees
We looked down into the water

Quietly the manatees swam up
One poked his nose above the water and exhaled
His breath was cold and blew into my face with the
smell of the lake
He inhaled slowly and filled his lungs
Silently he retreated back into the water

I snapped a picture and all I could say was

More info on De Leon Springs HERE


Kathleen said...

welcome home, sister.
freakin' aMAZing photo of the manatee!!!
i love the pancakes, too
and the description of the manatee coming out of the water...i could feel it and smell the air, too.

well done, my friend.


ArEn said...

Is that De Leon as in Ponce?