Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Florida Trip

Morning With Pop

After an evening of Nana snuggles and meeting
with Aunt Amy and Uncle Craig
Auggie was up at the crack of dawn.

Pop snuck in a little one on one baby time.


ArEn said...

It's good to have a Pop Pop.

Anonymous said...

I was struck by - POP-POP. I love this picture, and it reminds me:

My grandfather who I loved beyond words, was also my pop-pop. He took me to work at the railroad. He took me to the circus under the big tent, and along the side show. I can still feel the straw beneath my feet.

He played, "tickily, tickly on the knee, if you laugh you don't love me!"

He took me to the Bellview Stratford in Philadelphia, a fancy/schmancy hotel restaurant where he ordered "Shirley Temples" for me.

He was a very very important part of my life.

Here's to you - my pop-pop and Auggie's pop-pop