Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Model Baby

We are on the bed getting Auggie dressed, but
he seems so happy that I let him be naked for awhile.
So cute- I get the camera.

"Baby! You are SOO SWEET!!"
"Aww, look at you posing for mama"

He holds really still and looks right at the camera.
"That's my boy..

That is when I realize he is peeing.


Jason said...

I love checking our map too... It's too cool to think about how much smaller of a world it has become with the web!

ArEn said...

You can tell that grin of relief anywhere.

Bob said...

Auggie! If you are reading this and you're a teenager and you're embarrassed that your mom told about you pee peeing? CALL ME ... I have a good one on her!!!! ahahahahaha

MLB said...

I hate you.

marni (lol)