Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Big Brother Toy

I'm standing in the kitchen watching Dave play
with Auggie's new toy. I'm shaking my head
and laughing because before he even starts I
know what he is up to.

The toy will sound out the letters of the alphabet
and yep, you guessed it, he is sounding out all
of the "filthy words" he can think of.

He sounds out FFFFFF then
UUUUUU then I hear "heee hee
heee that TICKLES"

The toy is programmed not to sound out "filthy words"!!!!!
Can you believe it?

I tried a bunch of them.
AAAAA then "hee hee hee That TICKLES"

DDDD then iiiiii then "hee hee hee that TICKLES"

So of course I spent this morning trying every word
I could think of and trust me, they missed some.

I want to be indignant that they would assume people
would try to put in "filthy words", but then again, I am
one of those people.

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