Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday Morning Rant

The word is PIC-Ture NOT pitcher
If you say NUC- Yu- Lar instead of nuclear you are an idiot (like George W.)
There is no TH at the end of Height.
If you cross the street that is fine, but if you go acrosst then you have a problem.
A dog says woof, but in the forest you may find a WOLLLLLLFFFFF (note the L).

That being said, my own grandmother used to say Lemon Moran Pie and
I simply found that charming.

I feel much better now.
Have a great Saturday.


Bob said...

Here are mine:

1. "suffice" to say, leaving out the "it" ... drives me nuts.
2. I did that "unconciously"... you would have been asleep!!
3. or the new one... making the word conversation into a verb. "I was 'conversating' with my friend."
4. and my all time pet peeve. AWESOME... The Grand Canyon is Awesome... most things that people say are Awesome are really just "okay".
Oh I feel much better!!

abscott823 said...

Libary is the one that I hate!

Kathleen said...

what about am-blance?

Anonymous said...

Wat yer prablem?

MLB said...

I'm a bitch wats yers?


MLB said...

OH I remembered another one, the word is

Anonymous said...

pockybook - never heard that before Baltimore


also, kineygarten