Thursday, February 7, 2008


Today as I drove home I was thinking of my father
and "The Great Gig in the Sky" came on the radio.
At the same time the sky had one of those beautiful
displays where a small part opens up and the light
shines down in rays.
I had a moment.
A moment of remembrance.
I am not a religious person, but I do believe that people
live on in our memories.

We used to listen to Pink Floyd VERY LOUD on
Tuesday nights when my mother worked the evening shift.
I remember I would lay on the sofa with my eyes closed and
listen. It was the safest, warmest feeling to be next to my father
and completely immersed in the music. He would occasionally
reach over and brush the hair off of my forehead.

The above photo is of one of the many toys that George would
bring home. What kid wouldn't love a van de graaff generator in the
living room?

Cheers George, and thank you for all the fun memories
of hotdog pizza, backwards music, strobe light ping pong,
beef roly polys, and playing the strings of the piano from
the inside...

HERE is a very loving tribute and list of inventions that my
father worked on written by his long time work mate Rick.

It has been three years and I miss him every day.


Bob said...

Marn, you and your sisters are in my thoughts. Love you guys.

Leah N. said...

Marni, that was a touching memory about your father. I only met him once but feel like I knew him well from all the stories you told me about him. The one time you took me to his house made a big impression on me and remains in my memory banks. He was welcoming, he really connected with me as a person and drew me into his world. We all sprawled on that big couch. I told him I liked The Grateful Dead and he promptly played some on the stereo and we sang. I felt comfortable with him.

Kathleen said...

strobe-light ping pong? that sounds so cool!

girl...i have tears in my eyes after reading this...what a lovely tribute to your dad. he sounds like he was very

of course, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, my dear.

xo hug.

Marnee said...

Marni, I remember when your dad died and how totally sad you were. I also have listened to the fantastic things he taught you and osmosised you and I also looked at the tribute and your dad's friend made. He seemed like an amazing person, much like you. You were lucky to have each other. Much love.