Monday, February 25, 2008

Thinking About Art

Auggie is now 8 months and my days are very full,
but somehow I am going to find time for some
freelance work. Starting in March will be teaching
an art history class (online).

The history classes I took in architecture school were
always fascinating, and when I went back to get the rest
of my art credits I had an art history teacher that I really
loved. Hopefully teaching will help me remember many of
the details that I have forgotten.

I'll also be doing some scenic painting work on the next
show at UMBC. That should be kind of fun- it is a
large magenta set with some fun wood graining and glazing.

Meanwhile I hope to find some time here and there to
start creating some of my own art again. The above is a
painting I did about 2 years ago.
My professor asked me to submit it to a show.
I did, and it was displayed but unfortunately they lost it (grrr).
I was told it was found and that they were mailing it to me,
but that never happened. I never could
get in touch with anyone about it again.

At least I had the foresight to take a photo of it.


abscott823 said...

that is horrible they lost your painting, especially because its so beautiful! I hope that someday it turns up

Art History wa always my favorite class and one I did very well in, Can I take your class? :)

Bob said...

Marni, I remember when you were taking art classes as a kid. As I recall you were great then.The painting is quite beautiful. You are a great MOM, great photographer, great artist, great writer. Really is there anything you CAN'T DO??? MARNI FOR PRESIDENT!!! (better not, I'll end up being your "Roger" Clinton)

MLB said...

Aww thanks Bob, that is really sweet.
In answer though
Top 3 Things I can't Do

Sit Still
Find a Career

Dave B. said...

I think that she is a pretty incredible Wife to!

Dave B. said...


MLB said...

Someone is getting a fantastic dinner tonight!!! ( I really love my husband)