Thursday, March 27, 2008

Augustus 9 months

9 months old today!!

We waited in the Dr's office for what seemed like a long
time... Auggie sat in a diaper on the examining table
shredding the paper covering. He shreaked with joy
and kicked his feet as if the paper were water in the bath.
Throwing the paper aside he climbed, using the wall for
balance and tried to rip a quilt wall hanging down. I
pull him away from that and he leans over my shoulder,
grabs the blood pressure cuff and PUUUUULLLLLLS.
I put him back on the table where the shredding resumes.

I hear Dr. Bodnar's voice behind me.
"I just re-read my notes from your 6 month visit and I
had written 'gleeful' as my description of Auggie. I guess
that still holds true."

I held him in my lap so the Dr. could examine him. As
Dr. B listened to his heart Auggie grabbed at the stethoscope
and put his hands in the Dr's beard. The Dr. quietly smiled,
said "well, hello" and gently kissed his hands. Who doesn't like a
pediatrician who kisses babies while he is examining them?
Soo sweet..

There is another reason I love my pediatrician.
His middle name is ZOLTAN (!!)
Which makes me think of

I have always wanted one of these machines- don't you think it
would look really great in the living room?

Anyway, back to the Dr. What could go wrong with a Dr. named
ZOLTAN? If you aren't feeling well you could tell him, put in a coin,
and the solution will come out on a little piece of paper. Don't you know
that paper would have some life altering insight on it as well?
Come on... you KNOW it would!!!


Bob said...

Marni, you make me laugh out loud. Marn, your view of life is priceless. Auggie, I hope you crack up at your Mom's sense of humor as much as the rest of us.

Kathleen said...

happy birthday sweet auggie! good job you funny mama!