Friday, March 28, 2008

Do I Feel Like a RockStar?

Could you pass this up?
I couldn't!
How ridiculous...
This is some kind of vitamin water with "Guarana
Ginko, Ginseng and Milk Thistle and an assortment
of B vitamins.
Now WHO thought to name this ROCK STAR?
When I think of healthy lifestyles I do NOT
think of Rock Stars!! Yet, I could not pass this by in the
store. It made me laugh because it was so shameless
in it's marketing.
I got it home and let me tell you it is HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE
HORRIBLE!!! I opened it and took a sip and shuttered from head
to toe. It tastes like super powered sweet tarts with a very strange
vitamin aftertaste. I put it on the counter and left it there.
Every time I walked by the kitchen I tried another sip and
shivered, yet I continue to be compelled to sip.
I finally (24 hours later) finished the whole can- my husband
laughing at me ("You're still drinking that?!")

I decided that I should start my own health drink. I could
shamelessly name it
You'll be Beautiful, Famous, and Wealthy.
Even though it would obviously be a sham, who could resist it?
Wouldn't you have to see what
Beautiful, Famous and Wealthy tastes like?


Bob said...

The word "thistle" always makes one sound like they have a lisp. Has there been a rock star with a lisp?

Kathleen said...

i'd but it.
theirs is gross...i was suckered into buying it once, too.

MLB said...

It is irresistable isn't it!!???