Monday, March 17, 2008

Still Stuffy

I was at Kathleen's last week.
We were in the kitchen and I saw a giant white
thing on Auggie's nose.
"What is that?"
We both turn and look.

Just then Auggie breathes out and a huge
bubble forms out of his nostril. Kathleen and I
start cracking up. Through my laughter I am
saying "Get my.." "I need a..."
I never finish my sentence but I'm quickly searching
the kitchen for a napkin/towel/wet wipe SOMETHING.

Kathleen runs down the hall and I hear her..
"I can't find... oh here..."
She runs back in and I reach for the tissue I think she
is going to hand me. That is when I realize she never
went to get a tissue- she is standing there holding
both of our cameras!!

So at the same time I am saying "No, I wanted a Kleenex"
I am hunched over taking a picture and so is she...
Who could resist?!

This is the picture she took.

(Dear Auggie, I will remove this before you are too
old to be embarrassed!)

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

i am still cracking up!
dear lord...that was too funny.

maybe we need to get out more.