Friday, April 11, 2008

Run Away!!

We went to meet Dave at work today for lunch.
Auggie munched on avocado and sticky rice from
our sushi rolls. Lately he won't eat anything we
offer him, but we have discovered he will eat if we
feed him with chopsticks (go figure).

Later in the evening we had play time.

I'm gonna GIT you!!!!

I run after Auggie.
He hits the ground on all fours and
crawls away as fast as his little body can go.
Off he goes into the dining room.


and he goes even faster
Finally in an attempt to go REALLY fast
he starts throwing one foot forward in a half
crawl/half one footed walk


and I pick him up and
smother him with kisses
while he giggles

I walk back to the living room holding him
under the armpits.
He kicks his legs, running in the air as fast as he can.

Running from mama is one of Auggie's favorite games.

1 comment:

Bob said...

Auggie is FIERCE! So is Dave