Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I feel like I am so busy all the time these days.
Pretty much as soon as Dave gets home from
work I scramble to make dinner, and get working.
Grading papers
Writing papers
Off to paint somewhere
I can't seem to get ahead of it!
I am going to try to find time to write a little more though..

Found time for a walk together the other day.
We put Auggie in his little red car.
At first he very seriously gripped the wheel.
Dave showed him the horn and that got a big smile.
Off we went
Down the street
Bumping over the broken concrete
Over the curb
Around the block
This baby is turning into a little boy so fast I can't
believe it!


Bob said...

AW -- really... AW

Kathleen said...

i love the top is like he is saying, "mama? aren't you comin' too?"

Wendi said...

I can't believe it either how big Auggie is getting! What an addorable photo of both of the boys! Hope you find some time to relax!