Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2 Questions

1. When did I become so controlling?
2. When did I completely lose control?

Auggie is turned around in his high chair smearing
pirogi innards all over the back.
Mole is frozen under the chair staring at the floor waiting
for crumbs to fall.
Daisy runs by with a toy maraca in her mouth. It is singing
loudly "Shake it up baby!!". She drops it out in the driveway
and comes back inside.

I stand Auggie up and wipe him off as best I can.
We go to the living room and he heads straight for the
electric cords.
Daisy is now ON TOP of the dining table
licking the high chair tray clean.

to Auggie "NO TOUCH"
to Daisy "GET DOWN"

Mole pees...

I try to let things go.
I try not to worry about dirty baseboards and dusty TV's.
My new way of coping is to leave little notes for Dave in the dust.
At least it makes me smile when I see them.

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Wendi said...

You are my hero!