Monday, May 26, 2008

Kelly and Kirsten

Kelly and Kirsten visited this weekend.
It was busy and chaotic and
a lot of fun. We did lots of Baltimore things-
ate seafood
walked around Fells Point
went to the Dutch Market
Valley View Farms
had a lovely cookout
out to breakfast
played with Auggie a lot a lot a lot

He has everyone trained- one arm up over his
head and he yells out "aaaaahhhhh"
and everyone in the room joins in. This was
repeated countless times over the last few days.
I think Auggie was more than a little smitten
with the ladies and will miss the extra attention.

Now a cold is settling in and I'm feeling blue that
Dave has to go back to work tomorrow.
I hate the process of life 'getting back to normal'

1 comment:

kirstin said...

Sorry to hear you caught the cold. I hope you get better soon. Thanks so much for a great weekend! Auggie might indeed be the world's cutest kid.