Saturday, May 31, 2008


We've been talking a lot lately about where we would
live if we could be anywhere...This is fueled by the
very high property taxes here in Baltimore, along with the
absolutely dreadful schools, high crime, and a 70% increase in
gas and electric rates (thanks for nothin O'Malley- and I VOTED
This isn't to imply that Baltimore doesn't have its good qualities.

Off the top of my head:
I love that I can go to breakfast and run into people I know.
I love that I can go to the farmer's market and run into people I know.
I love the BOok Thing
I think spring is about as beautiful here as anywhere in the world.
I love knowing that if I was truly desperate I could pick up the phone, call
one of the many people I know and find some kind of paying work with
very little notice.
I love that I have a history here.
These things offer some security.

The question comes to me- particularly in the winter
"Why the hell aren't I in paradise?"

Which brings up the question
"Where is paradise?"

For me-
Where it is temperate (not freezing in winter)
Where schools are good
Where there are safe neighborhoods
Near water
Where there is good health care (a hypochondriac at heart...)
Where housing is affordable
Where the gardening is good
Where there are great restaurants
Where I can ride bikes/ hike/ walk/ run/ safely
Where it is pretty (lots of plants, flowers, trees and GREEN)
Where there are preferably long days with lots of light
Where there are theaters/operas/universities for employment
Where I can walk to some stores or restaurants
Where there are interesting and diverse people

Does anyone know where this is?

So what defines your paradise?


Wendi said...

You know this sounds just like any where along the coast of the Pacific Northwest... I say, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle or Vancouver! When you move - we are there with you! Oh... I am also putting Las Vegas on the list :)

Jason said...

I would say San Fran, but it also has a very high cost of living.
You could always move to Florida; I know of two households that would be very happy if you did!

Bob said...

Paradise has it's pitfalls as well... just ask Eve. Teehee