Friday, June 27, 2008


Auggie turned ONE today!
Happy Birthday baby!

One year ago... we walked the halls of GBMC
One year ago you arrived- an absolutely beautiful baby.
So beautiful that even the nurses kept commenting on
how pretty you were.
One year ago I couldn't take my eyes off of you- I stared
down at that thick black hair, those tiny hands
and was speechless.

This year has been a ride. More fun than I could have
possibly imagined. We've played and played and played.
We haven't slept much, but we sure have snuggled.

Now you walk
You eat on your own
You have opinions
You have a mischievous grin
And are full of piss and vinegar
I'm so glad it was YOU on that day one year ago!
My lovely beautiful baby boy.


Kathleen said...

EEK! what a perfect picture!

oh...happy birthday sweet munchkin!
the world is a much better place because of you!


ArEn said...

*sniff* Happy Birthday, Auggie!

Bob said...

Auggie, how lucky are you to have a mother who can express; in action and in words her love and admiration. You are a whimsical child who deserves all the love your family has for you. Happy Birthday Auggie Boy!!

Anonymous said...

what an amazing year it has been!

He is a wonder, and a joy. You are a lucky,lucky family.