Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Finals are over.
I handed in my last paper yesterday.
I've had a paper a week due since the beginning of June.
I am exhausted.
What a rough month!

Now I have to make an appearance at an
end of school class party (booo! hiss) and I'm done until fall.
3 more credits to go...

Maybe I'll have some gumption to write again soon.

*** YAY!!! I got A's in both classes!


abscott823 said...

Yeah! Good job- one more to go!

Everyone needs a little cheering for grad school.

Hope we didn't add to your stress.


Wendi said...

Congrats! I am super proud of you! Make sure to come over for a swim to celebrate... we can break out some margaritas :)

Anonymous said...

yea, Marni - I'm so proud!