Sunday, August 24, 2008


I stared at the tiller
Having never used one before I was
surprised at how heavy and unwieldy it was.
Dave tells me he'll take the baby out for a few hours
while I work.
No, maybe you'd better stick around I tell him (looking
at the sharp and evil looking tines on the thing), just in case.
At least someone can call 911 for me. I have visions of laying,
bloody under the apple tree, with a wayward tiller running
over me.

Hell Marn, the neighbors will find you eventually! He laughs,
but sticks around.

I find after the first couple of passes and a few adjustments
with a crescent wrench that it is actually kind of fun. Getting
some work done and seeing the results is something I haven't
had much of in the last few years. The smell of fresh grass and
gasoline has a distinct summery note.

I got a whole new bed dug up- all the grass removed.
It has been three years since we moved in.
These three years have been full
but not a lot of time for the garden.

I can't wait to start planting!

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Kathleen said...

you are such a rock star.