Wednesday, August 27, 2008

State Fair

I suppose this is where the expression
"Happier than a pig in sh..." comes from.
We were at the petting zoo at the State Fair.
This pig was just laying there smiling with all her
Little piglets surrounding her.
We went off to find the poultry section.
The ducks quacked
Auggie quacked at the ducks-

He found his people!

Today we spent the morning out in the driveway.
I pulled out the hose and made puddles because
Diana Ross Auggie likes to dance in them while making arm motions
a la Stop in the Name of Love. It ended in a disgusting dog poop
incident that we have to pretend never happened so that I can retain
a little of my sanity. We have been scrubbed from head to toe with
anti-bacterial dish detergent.
Our skin may peel off, but at least we won’t have
E coli poisoning.

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