Friday, August 8, 2008


Ok, did anyone get a look at the uniforms for the USA
Olympic team on opening night? They are RIDICULOUS!
There is nothing athletic about them! They look like dress up
costumes for someone trying to be Thurston Howell the Third
(if you don't know who that is you are either too young, too old,
or don't appreciate stupid pop culture).

They were designed by Ralph Lauren. I saw his son interviewed on
the Today show this morning. They asked him if they were concerned
about having athletes wear a jacket and ascot (the uniforms are
EIGHT PIECES!!!) in such hot weather.
The response was that "Yes, we considered that and the fabrics
are very lightweight". What BULLSHIT!
I don't care how lightweight the fabrics are. Would YOU wear a
jacket with long sleeves in 90 some degree weather?

I frickin hate designers when they do crap like that. They clearly
designed what they wanted and then just made justifications later.
Oh, and the frickin' POLO logo is as big as the Olympic logo.

I hate Ralph Lauren now.
Fuck you Ralph Lauren.
I hope someone makes you wear a parka in August because
after all, down is very lightweight.


Kathleen said...


ArEn said...

That is *so* funny. And My God. Did you see what the Hungarian ladies were wearing. Even the announcers were nearly speechless.

Wendio said...

I can't even begin to tell you how much that just made me pee my pants! I thought the SAME THING when we watched the Olympics... sometimes (and by sometimes I mean ALWAYS) fashion designers are horrible in real life.

Think about it, just because the fany pack is a good idea doesn't mean you need one to match your mock neck.