Monday, August 11, 2008

Yo Gabba Gabba

I love this show!
We record it and watch it with
Auggie in the evenings before bed.
How can you not like a show that has
the guy from Devo doing drawing demonstrations?
And they have that odd chubby rapper with a speech
impediment demonstrating how to beat box.
And they have Dancy Dance time!

Tonight we danced around the living
room and sang "DON'T BITE YOUR
With lyrics like that you gotta smile!
Is it right to teach that though?
I mean, come on, the smart kids are going
right to "oh, then I CAN bite my enemies?"

Auggie loves to dance to this show, and now he
is dancing all the time.

This morning
he made a break for it and ran into the
mud room. This is his destination of choice
whenever he can get away on his own.
Typically he flips back the curtain and
makes for the dog door- leans out and
checks out the back yard, his inner voice
screaming "FREE, FREE AT LAST". Sometimes
he stops to rinse his hands in the dog water.
BUT TODAY... he poured the water all over
the floor. By the time I got there he was
soaking wet and doing a little tap dance
in the puddle, enjoying the splashing sound.

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