Sunday, August 31, 2008

Old Cars and Little Boys

There is a problem that seems to come up between many
couples at some point.

The dead car in the driveway.

Growing up, I remember this was a horrible point of
contention between my parents. The dead VW's parked in the
driveway.... I always wondered why my mother didn't just call
a tow truck.

I remember having a boyfriend in New Jersey that had a dead
car in the driveway and then one in the garage as well. I always
wondered why I didn't just call a tow truck?

Tonight we went to dinner at a friend's house. I know he has
a dead car in the garage, and now his truck died. It has been
in the driveway all summer. I've never heard his wife complain,
but when we got there today I noticed she had hung flower baskets
from it! Cracked me up!
I wonder why she doesn't just call a tow truck?

The boys all ate together. Grabbing from one another's plates
and fussing. The above photo was a rare moment of peace.
Mostly Aiden would play with a toy and when he saw Auggie
coming he would start screaming NOOOOOOO!!
Auggie would grab the toy and they'd tug of war.

This was repeated many many times over the course of the
My son is a bully.


Anonymous said...

No, he is NOT a bully.

about the driveway cars - I always wondered that too.


Kathleen said...

hmmmmm...i know someone who has an old dead vw in her parking pad...i wonder why paul just doesn't have it towed,