Monday, September 1, 2008

Eat Hay While The Sun Still Shines

They both look so innocent.


Grocery shopping with Dave this weekend.
I'm all-ok, not getting any junk blah blah
and Dave is behind me.
MMmm look at the Berger cookies.

I sigh and roll my eyes.
Onward we go..
Fiber cereal, fiber bread, asparagus

Ya know maybe you could just eat hay!
(he smiles charmingly)

...and onward
behind me I hear Dave

oooh a PIE would be good!!

SHUT UP!! - I'm laughing now, but
bravely continue to hold out on the junk food
In go the Vita Muffins (only 100 calories and they
taste like a health food store smells or maybe more
like a horse stall smells)

As we head to the checkout I hear Dave muttering

ya know you skipped the ice cream aisle..

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