Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Song for Your Birthday

This was going to be the song that we danced to at our wedding.
Unfortunately the CD we burned wouldn't play...c'est la vie
So today, I post it here for you Dave because it still seems appropriate
in light of your dining request.

I offered to cook something special for Dave's birthday dinner.
What would you like? I asked

I want hot dogs from 7-11 or tuna casserole with chips crumbled on top.
(Keep in mind that I can cook- really, and bake... I make a mean
creme brulee, but it is HIS birthday....)

So hot dogs it was- with red soda and chips.
Dave clearly enjoyed it and commented
"See, this is just like when we started's ROMANTIC"


Kathleen said...

i heart you guys so effing much.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dave. Love Carole

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dave.

Love, Carole