Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is huge

As my son played with a Mr. Potato head at my feet,
completely oblivious to the monumental event going
on, I watched. I watched an event that I believe will
change his life for the better. That gives me hope that
our country will head in a more positive direction.

As president Obama was sworn in, I watched.

As the woman who works in the kitchen came out and
wiped the tears from her cheeks, I watched.

This is huge.
This is so, so, huge.
An African American man
an intellectual
a thinker
a level head

Words can't express how big this feels.


Anonymous said...

Is this the picture? It looks like a man to me, looking in a window of Oboma. Am I missing something? Is there another picture?

MLB said...

Dear retard,

This is a picture of a woman on the kitchen staff watching the inauguration on a projection screen.

Anonymous said...

thanks for splainin to me.