Monday, February 16, 2009


The sickness has hit our house again.
I have a cold, Auggie has a stomach virus.
This afternoon we played in the shower. Auggie keeps up
a continuous patter while he explores his new tub toys
he got this weekend.

I can't always understand what he says, but he babbles away
explaining everything to me. After the shower I gather his PJ's and
flop on my bed. He's fussing at me and laughing at the
faces I'm making at him at the same time. Standing
with no clothing on in the doorway he pees on the floor.
I start to laugh and he pees again.

Did you pee on the floor?
He shakes his head no
and says what sounds like a garbled
"I didn't do it"

OHHH, you didn't do it? I say

He shakes his head no,
looks up at me
and says


He's no dummy.
Blame the dog.
That's definitely the way to go.


Kathleen said...

smart boy.

you soooooooo are going to have your hands full, mama. lol

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what my dogs say Marni. "I didn't do it." HEY!!!!! Congratulations on your little growing angel. Mom told me (of course) and I am so happy for you!!!
i love you and miss you. Auggie is a splittin' image of you and so lovely.