Monday, March 9, 2009

The good news...

The good news is that we are having another baby!! Due in October.
We are excited. I managed to surprise Dave with a
Valentine's gift (only a few days early because I COULDN'T WAIT!)

I gave him the gift
He pulled the teeny pj's out of the bag
"Look Auggie, new pj's"
"Wow, they're really tiny...."
he looked up
"Are you pregnant?"
I nodded
and then he grinned

The bad news is that the pregnancy has taken the wind out of my sails
for the time being.

I used to download photos every night.
I used to go to bed after 8pm.
I used to go to the gym in the mornings.
I used to cook.
I used to brush my hair sometimes.

I know from experience that these things will pass.
I will stop being so tired, and so sick, but for now it is just difficult.

and so
I go to bed early
I am not going to the gym
I'm trying to take Auggie for lots of physical activities so
we both get a long afternoon nap.
I have dinner delivered (so much for the budget).

Let's hope all this rest is helping to create a healthy
and strong little baby.


Dave B. said...

And we get BBQ ribs!!!

Kathleen said...

she used to talk to her friend, kathleen everyday.