Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pictures Soon

The clouds are parting
The fog is lifting (a little)

I'm starting to feel cautiously optimistic
Maybe I WILL feel normal again

The first trimester has been rough, but
slowly I think things are looking up
I'm not as sick as I was
I'm still tired, but hanging in there

I have plans to try to return to the gym on
Monday and see what I can do after nearly a
month off.

I find myself starting to compose pictures in my
mind's eye again, so I'm fairly certain that I'll
be posting some soon.

That being said it is turning out to be a very lonely
weekend with Dave in tech. He leaves first thing in
the morning and doesn't return until after Auggie and
I are both asleep. It doesn't help knowing that he is
tired and exhausted as well.

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