Sunday, August 2, 2009


Auggie runs to where the balls are and grabs one.
Immediately he throws it down and it starts a slow roll
down the lane. Before that ball is even halfway down he
grabs another and rolls/throws it after the first.
Dave tries to slow him down, but he's not having it.

He's also not having any of this "take turns" crap.
As soon as we pull him away so other kids can have a chance
he screams, kicks, cries and is generally in a full blown toddler
tantrum. I'm taking pictures and I look up to see Dave breaking
a sweat. He looks exhausted and frustrated.

We managed to stay at Ben S's bowling party for about 45
minutes before we had to pack it in. He loves the bowling
part, but really isn't so big on the wait your turn part.
He sure looked cute in those little bowling shoes though!!

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Kathleen said...

oh dear lord...those SHOES!!!!!