Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where Did the Week Go??

The phone rang the other day and it was the contractor!!
FINALLY! He called me back! Is it pathetic that I feel
like I've been waiting for him to call for a second date?
My first contractor REJECTED ME!! He didn't want the job.
I'd been KICKED TO THE CURB by my contractor!!
It is THAT DIFFICULT to find a contractor that you like
and that also comes in with a reasonable estimate!

So fixing up the new baby's room is on hold. That room
is serving as a construction staging and storage zone.
I'm hoping the bathroom reno won't push me over the
edge into crazy land.
Since it is our only bathroom we may have to get a hotel
room for several nights or take a mini vacation if Dave's
work schedule allows it. Even when we aren't staying
overnight somewhere I'm going to have to keep Auggie
out of the house all day to prevent him from breathing
in nasty dust.

I hope we don't get arrested for napping in the park.

I wish I could just take to my bed until the construction is

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Kathleen said...

you can always come stay with us! : )