Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How is YOUR day going?

I open the fridge to make Auggie lunch.
I'm putting ingredients on the counter and before I
turn back to close the door Auggie has taken beer bottles
from the door and thrown them in the vegetable keeper.
When I say throw I mean THROW... because several of them
have shattered and now the veges are floating in a glass shard
beer soup.


I put the drawer in the sink and start fishing out
and washing off all the solids. As I'm doing this the
dog runs by (clearly having an emergency) and drops
several wet turds on the floor before diving out of the
dog door.

I wipe them up. I spray the floor with bleach cleaner.
When I turn around I see Auggie now has a ceramic bowl
full of the amazingly sweet and ripe cantaloupe that I
cut up last night (despite being so tired I wanted to collapse).

"Auggie NO!!"

Too late
He has THROWN the ceramic bowl in the sink. It shatters
and now the entire sink is full of beer/cantaloupe/glass shard soup.

I give up.
I make chocolate milk for Auggie, put on cartoons, and
sit him in front of the TV while I try to clean a little.

I feel like I haven't had a break in ages.
I just want to meet some friends, pull up to a bar and have a
beer. Then I want to sleep in the next morning...

1 comment:

Kathleen said...


no wonder i didn't hear back from you today. lol

and i second the wish for a bar-night and a sleep-in.