Sunday, October 11, 2009


My sweet boy climbed and played and romped
all over at Webers last week. He discovered apple
cider and it's his new fav. He sucks it back and
declares "MORE HAPPY JUICE!!!"
He's verbal and singing and adorable while at the
same time asserting his independence more and

The other day Auggie went to work with Dave
and had a FANTASTIC time. He packed his backpack,
put on his hat and proudly walked out the door to
"go to work!". According to Dave he would declare
"C'MON everybody" every time he left a room.
He climbed the set, wore a hardhat, crawled under drapes,
somehow found a mask (a duck's bill) and quacked his
way through the shop.
When he came home he was wiped out.

I'm in a state of waiting. Waiting for this baby to
be born. I've hit a rough patch with my hormones
going nuts. I'm irritable and raging one minute and
weepy sad and remorseful the next. I can only imagine
that I'm horrendous to be around, and I'm finding that
knowing you are being crazy doesn't make it any less crazy.
I've pretty much stopped answering the phone because I
just don't have much to say. I seem to remember feeling
this way before Auggie was born too.

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

sweet post. i can just see auggie quacking and stomping around with his mask and hardhat.
cutie pie.

soon, mama. soon. you know that that baby isn't going to come out until you are a complete mess and begging for someone to "get this baby OUT of meeee!!!!!!!" so it will be soon. you are ready.

let me know if i can do something.