Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Snowy Day



I bundle Auggie in his snowsuit, big poofy coat
and gloves that are so big they hang off the
tips of his little fingers.  Dave puts on his
winter gear and heads out to play (I lost the toss
and had to stay inside with Arlo- and was
trying to be gracious about it, but irritation was
creeping in around the edges)

I went out on the porch, took a few pictures,
and decided to take advantage of the quiet house
to do some technical reading (more photo manual
stuff).  Arlo slept in his swing, as snuggly and cute as a baby can
possibly be!!

After about an hour I peeked out and saw them
heading back in.  Auggie was falling apart, clearly
tired and hungry, but screaming that he didn't want
to come in.  I peel off his coat, and unzip his snow
boots.  Kissing his cold red cheeks, I promise him that
we can go out again later.
Snow is all over the floor and I ask Dave to
get the broom so we can sweep it out before it melts
all over the place.  He's unlacing his boots, but not
fast enough for me...

M: Hurry up before it melts!
D: I'm hurrying!
M: It doesn't look like you're hurrying..forget it, I'll do it.

I go in the mud room and the BROOM ISN'T THERE

M: Where is the broom?
D: I left it outside...
M: Great, so it's wet...sigh, WHY did you....

and I stop
because Auggie is screaming
because I don't feel like being irritated
because I have a choice here,
I can let this annoy me
and have a shitty day
or I can let it go

and I decide to LET IT GO

I pull Auggie onto my lap
He's cold and puts his arms around my neck
He's crying and fussing, but snuggles in.
I'm rocking him a little and stroking his hair
He sits up to bitch "I wanna go back outsi...HEY"
and he stops
"HEY" he says again
and points to my collar where he had been laying
his head,and slowly he smiles
I look down and see it.  I wipe it and it is gross
and it smears and I say "EEEWW"
and Auggie cracks up
and I crack up
and both of us keep laughing
and it was really fun
and I am so glad that I didn't let stupid things
ruin my day.

Now Auggie is napping.
Arlo is napping again too.
Dave and I are sitting in companionable silence,
playing on our laptops drinking glasses of chianti.

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