Saturday, December 19, 2009


They were calling for snow.  Heavy snow.
We realized last night that none of us had mittens or gloves
so Dave ran out to get some.

Lucky he did because this morning we were blanketed and more is
coming down fast!  We are warm and toasty.  All of us under blankets
in the living room watching Christmas cartoons.

The snow is still coming down and I've been making doughnuts-mmmm.
As I was rolling out the dough Auggie kept excitedly coming into the kitchen,
and I kept shooing him out
"Auggie, this is hot oil,  it's DANGEROUS"

I'm cutting out the doughnuts using a glass for the large circle shape and
an old pill bottle to cut the hole in the midde (ya gotta go with what you got).
I see two little hands reach up to the countertop from the dining room and a
little voice says
"Mommie, can I have a doughnut pleeeaaze"

It makes me glad he's really talking now and glad that I took the time to make the doughnuts!

**It may not sound like a big deal that he asked, but it is only in the last
month or so that he is speaking in complete sentences...and it is really cool
We have actual CONVERSATIONS now.