Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Job?

So I found this position advertised at Center Stage:

CENTERSTAGE seeks Planned Giving and Major Gifts Officer possessing experience in same; familiarity with planned gifts vehicles; proficient with MS Office software; and previous database experience strongly preferred. Excellent communication and organizational skills required. Position works closely with the Director of Development, the Managing Director and the Board of Trustees managing a major gifts portfolio and developing a planned giving prospect list. The position reports to the Director of Development, is full-time, with benefits. Send cover letter, and resume, to: No phone or fax applications. Application deadline: August 6, 2010. EOE.

I decided to apply...not that I'm qualified, but I have a history with Center Stage and 
enjoyed working there.  I enjoyed the people and remember having lots of laughs there. 
I thought they would appreciate my cover letter. 

Here it is...

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in response to your search for a Planned Giving and Major Gifts person.  I find that in my life I plan to give a lot. 
I plan to give my husband a kiss when he comes in the door when I am in a good mood.  If I am not in a good mood I 
often plan to give him a sock in the kisser instead.  It doesn't stop there though!!  I plan to give the lady at the  YMCA a 
piece of my mind because she was on the treadmill for longer than the allotted half hour.  I plan to give my baby a bath 
this evening before bedtime.  As you can see the list goes on and on!  I think I would be PERFECT for this position!!

I also plan to answer any further questions you may have about my qualifications as well!! (SEE!??...PERFECT!)


PS.  Dude, I am TOTALLY into major gifts as well.


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