Wednesday, August 4, 2010

HELLO?? Center Stage?? Anyone Home??

So again no response.
I get the same automated response saying
"We have received your materials"


I am not easily deterred.  I try again:

July 30,2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I find it so odd that I have not had a response to my earlier e-mails about the Planned Giving and Major Gifts
Officer position.  I fear that I have not emphasized how good at planned giving I can be.  

I plan to give my all from 10-2pm every day.  This may seem like a slackers point of view, but I assure you
that during those four hours I am WAY more productive than most people are in a full 8 hours.  Let's be
realistic here, most people really don't work nearly that much anyway between bathroom breaks, lunches,
checking e-mail and facebook. I am honest about the fact that  before 10 I'm still getting ramped up for my day and 
after 2pm I'm really not good for much more than a nap, but boy whoooooeeeee I AM ON FIRE from 10-2!!!

Another example of my planned giving took place several years ago.  I planned to give "myself" to my husband
three years ago. I looked at my calendar, set the correct date and BINGO, we have a lovely three year old son.  
No backseat whoopsies here!  Totally planned!

Please be sure that this e-mail get's passed on to your supervisor.  I fear that a lower level employee (no offense)
may not have the instincts to recognize a wildcard when he/she sees one.  A good supervisor will go for the
wildcard and often the wild hair, but that is a discussion for later. 

I remain optimistic that I will hear from you soon.




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